Case Management

Our work is conformed to the general provisions for Investigators by the Association of German Detectives (BDD).


When you first contact us, we will discuss the legitimity of possibile investigations in a preliminary talk. You will be informed of the methods we would apply in your individual case as well as of the presumed costs.

Our priority in every legal affair is the acquisition of legally correct evidence. This meets the personal interest of our clients as well as that of the operating investigator who, if need be, has to testify competently and reliably in court.


All domestic activities underlie discretion and the regulations of the German data protection act (BDSG).


The universality of our skills and abilities is the principle of our detective work. We follow the pursuit of perfection what means that we do not exclusively concentrate on alleged central matters like observation, combination, concentration, fitness etc. The ability to handle every single situation in the most professional manner demands training in subjects like drama, disguise, psychology, psychatry, behavioural analysis and much else. Continual education and training and never ending urge for knowledge shape the characteristics of our Detective Agency. 

Justitia Kurtz Detective Agency Leipzig, Germany